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Nigel Allen zeroes in on the new Tactical IR Sidewinder 30 scope from Hawke Sport Optics

"'s got a totally new kind of electronic mil-dot reticle which incorporates dots and ties onto its glass-etched design..."

Sneak preview of the Webley-Venom Paradigm prototype by Nigel Allen

"...Thanks to a patented air acceleration system in the action, it's a full-powered single-stroke pneumatic that's easy to cock and totally recoilless to shoot..."

Review of the RangeSports PelletSafe by Nigel Allen

"...It's an amazing ammo tin that'll stop you spilling your pellets all over the place - and probably the best 3.75 you'll ever spend on a kitbag item!..."

Nigel Allen's review of the Ridgeline Buffalo Torrent hunting outfit

"...Britain in the grips of winter - but this hunter's as warm as toast..."

Nigel Allen demonstrates how to set your sights the easy way

"...The JSR Laser BoreSighter helps you zero-in your combo quickly and with the minimum of shooting..."

Recipe for Poacher's Pie by Ian Barnett

"...If you've bagged a bunny, then why not sit down to a delicious rabbit supper tonight..."

Review of the SMK Super Grade XS19 Custom Carbine Hunter by Nigel Allen

"...Little money, big gun. This full-powered break-barrel sporter from Sportsmarketing is one of the best value air rifles on the market..."

Review of the Prestige Airguns deciBlocker Silencer by Nigel Allen

"...the dBlock technology inside does more than just muffle the muzzle - it actually helps improve your air rifle's accuracy..."

A short documentary about rabbit myxomatosis by Nigel Allen

"...the strain was soon to be harnessed and used as a means of pest control. In Australia, it annihilated some 500 million rabbits in the space of just two years..."

Sneak preview of the FX Royale 400 precharged pneumatic by Nigel Allen

"...its thumbhole-stocked, sidelever-operated action comes complete with a 400cc buddy bottle power supply and is ready-fitted with one of the largest silencers I've ever seen supplied on an air rifle..."

Nigel Allen's night-time rat-hunt with the FX Verminator

"...the Verminator has an on-board power adjuster that allows you to shoot at High, Medium and Low power - just the ticket when you're faced with rats at close quarters..."


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